Clean Stainless Steel Sinks Without Causing Collateral Damage

Industry pro, Tom Munro, gives helpful tips and advice on how to clean stainless steel sinks without causing collateral damage to granite countertops and plumbing fixtures.  Avoid common mistakes and keep these supreme surfaces looking like new.

Granite and Stainless Steel, Popular and Durable

Granite countertops and stainless steel sinks are a popular addition to any kitchen and for good reason. Both are durable and when cleaned properly, these supreme surfaces will certainly stand the test of time without loosing their shine!

Keeping Granite Countertops and Stainless Steel From Becoming Dull

Although both granite and stainless are known to have various textures and finishes, they are commonly known to have a highly polished or reflective surface. In order to help keep these surfaces looking like new, we have some important tips that you’ll need to practice:

  1. When cleaning granite countertops only use pH neutral cleaners.
  2. Do not clean stainless steel sinks with cleaners that are high on the pH scale (contain alkaline; bleach & ammonia).
  3. When cleaning granite and stainless steel, do not use abrasive pads.
  4. Always clean stainless steel sinks going with the grain.

pH Scale for Cleaning Products

phscaleThe pH scale has a range from 1 to 14 and is the measure of a solution’s acidity or alkalinity. There are three terms that apply to chemicals used in cleaning products:

  1. Neutral, a 7 on a pH Scale
  2. Acidity, Less than a 7 on a pH scale
  3. Alkalinity/Basic, greater than a 7 on a pH scale

When Cleaning Stainless Steel, Avoid Cleaners That Are High On The pH Scale

Cleaners that contain bleach and ammonia cause stainless steel to dull and damage natural stones. Unfortunately, these chemicals are found in many leading brands on store shelves so choose wisely.

Daily Cleaners for Stainless Steel and Surrounding Items

The front of this label clearly states that it is pH neutral, alcohol-free and ammonia-free.
The back label clearly states that this product can be used on other surfaces besides just granite countertops.

Although there are a prevalent supply of specialty cleaners for both natural stone and stainless steel, the following three products clearly show on the label that they are safe to use on these luxury surfaces and more. Here are three alcohol-free, ammonia-free and pH neutral, multi-surface cleaners, that are safe to clean granite and stainless steel, without causing collateral damage:

  1. CTP Multi-Surface Cleaner for Glass, Mirror, Stone, Electronic Screens and Finished wood and more.
  2. Supreme Surface Daily Stone Cleaner for Granite, Quartz, Marble & More (stainless steel)
  3. MunroCo Streak-Free Multi-Surface Cleaner

Top selling brands of cleaners that are high in acidic value can effectively work on stainless, but can easily etch the surface of natural stones. Thus causing them to dull. When cleaning stainless near natural stone surfaces, you might also consider a cleaning product that is pH neutral and ammonia-free. These types of cleaners are safe to use on natural stone surfaces and plumbing fixtures.

Removing Hard Water Spots and Mineral Deposits on Granite and Stainless Steel

Hard water spots and water stains are caused by mineral deposits such as calcium and limescale. Removing mineral deposits cannot be done with daily cleaners that are pH neutral. So, choose a cleaner that is low on the pH scale (acidic), but mild enough to not damage your natural stone or plumbing fixtures. To remove these mineral deposits from both granite and stainless try using:

  1. CTP Calcium, Lime Rust and Soap Scum Remover
  2. Supreme Surface Scum and Mineral Deposit Remover.

These products are highly effective, but very mild and are safe to use on most granite colors and plumbing fixtures.

About The Author and Industry Pro, Tom Munro

Tom Munro is founder and President of the brand ” Supreme Surface “, specialty cleaners and stone care products. These products are sold through natural stone professionals and select retailers throughout the United States and Canada. Follow this link for a complete listing of specialty cleaners / cleaning products for stainless steel and granite countertops.