Sustainability of Natural Stone in The Home

Industry Pro, Tom Munro
Industry Pro, Tom Munro

Proper care and maintenance is a key factor for the longterm sustainability of today’s popular natural stone surfaces; granite, marble and travertine. Although these building materials have certainly proven themselves through the centuries, over the last couple decades we’ve seen the consumption of these types of natural stone grow at an unprecedented rate. Some key differences of what we’ve seen in the past vs today, is the desire to create and maintain vibrant colors in both textured and polished surfaces. Historically, the colors within a stone progressively became more noticeable as various solutions that included oil or wax were applied. However, although these methods may have produced a look of vibrants, it simply didn’t last for long periods of time without having to continuously reapply. Hence, natural stone took on a reputation for needing a lot of care and maintenance.

The Process of Polishing Stone Has Changed

The need for using oil and wax components to create a more polished look has changed. Fabricators have incorporated new technology; advanced tooling and a series of diamond impregnated polishing pads. For this reason, it is now possible to create a sustainable polish to natural stones such as granite, marble, travertine and more.

Penetrating Sealers and Natural Stone

It’s important to properly seal natural stone with a penetrating sealer at the time of installation or before use. This type of sealer penetrates into the stone and helps resist stains for long periods of time. However, penetrating sealers do not improve the look of a stones surface, enhance the vibrants of color, add luster or assist with creating a polished look. Penetrating sealers help resist stains!

Always Use pH Neutral Cleaners On Natural Stone Surfaces

Travertine and marble are natural stones that contain minerals such as “Calcite”. When a solution that contains acidic or alkaline value touch the surface of these types of stone, they can instantaneously become etched; damage that will dull and possibly pit the surface. When a stone has become damaged in this manner it is impossible to repair without the help of a skilled fabricator with the tooling that I mentioned above. So, always use a pH neutral cleaner on natural stone surfaces!

Supreme Surface Simplifies The Care and Maintenance of Natural Stone Surfaces

supreme surface stone care productsMy name is Tom Munro and I’ve spent the last 32 years digging my roots deep within the tile and stone business. Several years ago, I realized the consumer needed high quality and simple-to-use products to care for granite countertops, stone showers, honed travertine, tumbled marble and more. I was on a quest to find products that were safe to use on stones that contained calcite (marble and travertine), effective at solving common issues (stains and mineral deposit buildup) and environmentally responsible. It wasn’t hard to find something to clean natural stone because any pH neutral cleaner will do that, but the process of sealing, protecting, sustaining and improving the look and feel of these surfaces was complicated. So I’ve dedicated my time, energy and finances into developing the brand, Supreme Surface. These stone care products are professional grade, making the process; simple, safe, effective and affordable.

The ioSeal Advantage

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When stone cleaners are formulated with ioSeal Protectants, it becomes an “All-In-One” stone care product that cleans, polishes and progressively seals by ionically bonding a protective barrier. With every use, colors become more vibrant, surfaces smoother and easier to clean.