Stone Shower Cleaner & Conditioner with ioSeal

Bring the power of ioSeal alive with Supreme Surface “Stone Shower Cleaner and Conditioner“, formulated with ioSeal Protectants. This pH neutral, non-toxic and simple to use formula will clean, protect and improve the look and feel of all natural stones, including; granite, marble, travertine, limestone and more. Safe to use on all metal and glass accent pieces and surface textures, including; polished, honed, and tumbled natural stones. Simply spray on and wipe off. This unique formula will condition the surface, enhancing colors (making them more vibrant) and helping protect against;

  • Calcium
  • Limescale
  • Soap scum build-up

The ioSeal Advantage

We have listed some advantages of using a Stone Shower Cleaner formulated with ioSeal Protectants vs. other leading brands;

  1. Non-toxic, smells good and no VOC’s.
  2. Although this pH neutral cleaner is gentle, it’s powerful surfactant breaks down grease and oil without damaging the natural stone or grout.
  3. With frequent use, the ionically bonded protective barrier helps resist; soap scum buildup, mineral deposits, calcium, limescale and hard water spots.
  4. Improves the surface making it smoother.
  5. Makes colors more vibrant.
  6. Makes your shower easier to clean.