Supreme Surface and ioSeal Endorsed at 2016 Coverings Stone Fair

Top level executives for the world granite market endorse Supreme Surface® and ioSeal at the 2016 Coverings Stone Fair in Chicago!

The country of Brazil is one of the largest exporters of granite in the world market.  Comil – Cotaxé Mineração is a Brazilian company based in the state of Espirito Santo. Espirito Santo represents nearly 80% of all granite exported from Brazil. Comil – Cotaxé Mineração, owns quarries and processing factories that are responsible for; extracting blocks from the earth, cutting blocks into slabs, surface preparation and polishing. These finished slabs are then exported to distributors and slab suppliers around the world.

The company is owner of “San Benedict Black Granite®”, one of the most prestigious black granites available on the world market today. Comil also quarries other popular granite colors; Ubatuba, Brazilian Black, Coffee Brown, Fantasy Black, White Springs and Giallo Latina.