Blog 02-06-2016: Tom Munro

Industry Pro, Tom Munro
Industry Pro, Tom Munro

I woke up with the intention of writing a blog about stone care, tips and advice. I started preparing myself 32 years ago when I entered into the tile and stone business. With a plentiful supply of hot coffee, a bucket of cream and something to keep it sweet, I booted up my old Mac. With just a few clicks I was surfing the internet for subject matter. I learned a while ago that I can quickly discover things to write about by reviewing comments, feedback and product reviews. This time it took me less than 5 minutes before I came across seller feedback that I would use. Actually, it should have been a product review for the Supreme Surface® Granite, Quartz and Marble Treatment but today it’s going to be my subject.

It appears to me that this consumer was attempting to remove soap scum buildup from around the sink and faucet area on a bathroom vanity top. I basically just copied and pasted her feedback as she had posted for the public to see. I sent her an email which has also been published below.


I bought this after reading reviews to help repair the damage to my granite counter in bathroom, mostly around the sink where there is like soap scum build up that looked like polish is worn out, been using for 1 wk now everyday applying to area, it is starting to look better, but not like it used to be yet will keep using.

Email From Supreme Surface:

Hello Jennifer,

A bottle of Supreme Surface Stone Care
Supreme Surface All-In-One Stone Care For: Granite, Quartz and Marble with ioSeal Protectants.

Thank you for choosing Munro-Co Brands and Supreme Surface®. My name is Tom Munro, I read your seller feedback and thought I would try and assist you with your issue; soap scum and mineral deposit buildup around your sink and faucet area.

Although I called your home this morning and left a voicemail, I wanted to also give you some written information. In a nutshell, our Supreme Surface Granite, Quartz and Marble Treatment with ioSeal is a wonderful product that cleans, polishes, progressively seals and helps “PROTECT” against common issues such as what you have described. Our formula is a pH neutral cleaner that has been formulated with ioSeal. The ioSeal formulation progressively seals, makes colors more vibrant, surfaces smoother and more reflective. Although all of these qualities are meaningful, our formula does have it’s limitations.

Personally, for the last thirty two years my roots have gone deep within the natural stone industry. For twenty years I’ve been a fabricator of marble, granite and quartz surfaces. I can honestly say that no formula on the market has the capability of doing what a skilled fabricator/technician has the ability of doing. Restoring a granite surface that has been “damaged”, causing it to become dull, etched or textured, is work for a trained professional. Polishing a piece of granite is accomplished with diamond pads and friction, not an actual chemical, paste, wax or liquid formulation.

Our treatments that contain ioSeal are truly unique and unlike anything else on the market today. They are formulated to simplify the sustainability, care and maintenance of natural stones. They simultaneously clean, progressively seal, help protect against common issues, improve the look and feel of the stones surface.

To remove mineral deposits calcium, limescale and soap scum bonded to granite, quartz, glass shower doors and more, try using Supreme Surface® Scum and Mineral Deposit Remover or CTP Calcium Lime, Rust and Soap Scum Remover.
Thank you for your time and I hope you will find some of this information helpful. For more information on our Supreme Surface or other Munro-Co Brands, feel free to contact us at the following number.


Tom Munro