Supreme Surface and ioSeal Endorsed at 2016 Coverings Stone Fair

Top level executives for the world granite market endorse Supreme Surface® and ioSeal at the 2016 Coverings Stone Fair in Chicago!

The country of Brazil is one of the largest exporters of granite in the world market.  Comil – Cotaxé Mineração is a Brazilian company based in the state of Espirito Santo. Espirito Santo represents nearly 80% of all granite exported from Brazil. Comil – Cotaxé Mineração, owns quarries and processing factories that are responsible for; extracting blocks from the earth, cutting blocks into slabs, surface preparation and polishing. These finished slabs are then exported to distributors and slab suppliers around the world.

The company is owner of “San Benedict Black Granite®”, one of the most prestigious black granites available on the world market today. Comil also quarries other popular granite colors; Ubatuba, Brazilian Black, Coffee Brown, Fantasy Black, White Springs and Giallo Latina.

Munro-Co, Supreme Surface, ioSeal and Coverings 2016

Supreme Surface, ioSeal and Coverings 2016

Coverings 2016 McCormick Place, Chicago Tom and Eliot Munro
Coverings 2016
McCormick Place, Chicago
Tom and Eliot Munro

This year Munro-Co, LLC and Supreme Surface Cleaners, LLC elected to promote the Supreme Surface brand of stone care products at “Coverings 2016” in Chicago.

The 2016 Coverings show marks a milestone for Munro-Co brands and Supreme Surface®.  Tom Munro says “A show of this magnitude offers great opportunities. We plan to increase brand recognition, tell our story, offer live demonstrations, communicate with industry professionals and see where it takes us”.

Sustainability of Natural Stone in The Home

Industry Pro, Tom Munro
Industry Pro, Tom Munro

Proper care and maintenance is a key factor for the longterm sustainability of today’s popular natural stone surfaces; granite, marble and travertine. Although these building materials have certainly proven themselves through the centuries, over the last couple decades we’ve seen the consumption of these types of natural stone grow at an unprecedented rate. Some key differences of what we’ve seen in the past vs today, is the desire to create and maintain vibrant colors in both textured and polished surfaces. Historically, the colors within a stone progressively became more noticeable as various solutions that included oil or wax were applied. However, although these methods may have produced a look of vibrants, it simply didn’t last for long periods of time without having to continuously reapply. Hence, natural stone took on a reputation for needing a lot of care and maintenance.

The Process of Polishing Stone Has Changed

The need for using oil and wax components to create a more polished look has changed. Fabricators have incorporated new technology; advanced tooling and a series of diamond impregnated polishing pads. For this reason, it is now possible to create a sustainable polish to natural stones such as granite, marble, travertine and more.

Penetrating Sealers and Natural Stone

It’s important to properly seal natural stone with a penetrating sealer at the time of installation or before use. This type of sealer penetrates into the stone and helps resist stains for long periods of time. However, penetrating sealers do not improve the look of a stones surface, enhance the vibrants of color, add luster or assist with creating a polished look. Penetrating sealers help resist stains!

Always Use pH Neutral Cleaners On Natural Stone Surfaces

Travertine and marble are natural stones that contain minerals such as “Calcite”. When a solution that contains acidic or alkaline value touch the surface of these types of stone, they can instantaneously become etched; damage that will dull and possibly pit the surface. When a stone has become damaged in this manner it is impossible to repair without the help of a skilled fabricator with the tooling that I mentioned above. So, always use a pH neutral cleaner on natural stone surfaces!

Supreme Surface Simplifies The Care and Maintenance of Natural Stone Surfaces

supreme surface stone care productsMy name is Tom Munro and I’ve spent the last 32 years digging my roots deep within the tile and stone business. Several years ago, I realized the consumer needed high quality and simple-to-use products to care for granite countertops, stone showers, honed travertine, tumbled marble and more. I was on a quest to find products that were safe to use on stones that contained calcite (marble and travertine), effective at solving common issues (stains and mineral deposit buildup) and environmentally responsible. It wasn’t hard to find something to clean natural stone because any pH neutral cleaner will do that, but the process of sealing, protecting, sustaining and improving the look and feel of these surfaces was complicated. So I’ve dedicated my time, energy and finances into developing the brand, Supreme Surface. These stone care products are professional grade, making the process; simple, safe, effective and affordable.

The ioSeal Advantage

ioSeal Logo

When stone cleaners are formulated with ioSeal Protectants, it becomes an “All-In-One” stone care product that cleans, polishes and progressively seals by ionically bonding a protective barrier. With every use, colors become more vibrant, surfaces smoother and easier to clean.

Blog 02-06-2016: Tom Munro

Industry Pro, Tom Munro
Industry Pro, Tom Munro

I woke up with the intention of writing a blog about stone care, tips and advice. I started preparing myself 32 years ago when I entered into the tile and stone business. With a plentiful supply of hot coffee, a bucket of cream and something to keep it sweet, I booted up my old Mac. With just a few clicks I was surfing the internet for subject matter. I learned a while ago that I can quickly discover things to write about by reviewing comments, feedback and product reviews. This time it took me less than 5 minutes before I came across seller feedback that I would use. Actually, it should have been a product review for the Supreme Surface® Granite, Quartz and Marble Treatment but today it’s going to be my subject.

It appears to me that this consumer was attempting to remove soap scum buildup from around the sink and faucet area on a bathroom vanity top. I basically just copied and pasted her feedback as she had posted for the public to see. I sent her an email which has also been published below.


I bought this after reading reviews to help repair the damage to my granite counter in bathroom, mostly around the sink where there is like soap scum build up that looked like polish is worn out, been using for 1 wk now everyday applying to area, it is starting to look better, but not like it used to be yet will keep using.

Email From Supreme Surface:

Hello Jennifer,

A bottle of Supreme Surface Stone Care
Supreme Surface All-In-One Stone Care For: Granite, Quartz and Marble with ioSeal Protectants.

Thank you for choosing Munro-Co Brands and Supreme Surface®. My name is Tom Munro, I read your seller feedback and thought I would try and assist you with your issue; soap scum and mineral deposit buildup around your sink and faucet area.

Although I called your home this morning and left a voicemail, I wanted to also give you some written information. In a nutshell, our Supreme Surface Granite, Quartz and Marble Treatment with ioSeal is a wonderful product that cleans, polishes, progressively seals and helps “PROTECT” against common issues such as what you have described. Our formula is a pH neutral cleaner that has been formulated with ioSeal. The ioSeal formulation progressively seals, makes colors more vibrant, surfaces smoother and more reflective. Although all of these qualities are meaningful, our formula does have it’s limitations.

Personally, for the last thirty two years my roots have gone deep within the natural stone industry. For twenty years I’ve been a fabricator of marble, granite and quartz surfaces. I can honestly say that no formula on the market has the capability of doing what a skilled fabricator/technician has the ability of doing. Restoring a granite surface that has been “damaged”, causing it to become dull, etched or textured, is work for a trained professional. Polishing a piece of granite is accomplished with diamond pads and friction, not an actual chemical, paste, wax or liquid formulation.

Our treatments that contain ioSeal are truly unique and unlike anything else on the market today. They are formulated to simplify the sustainability, care and maintenance of natural stones. They simultaneously clean, progressively seal, help protect against common issues, improve the look and feel of the stones surface.

To remove mineral deposits calcium, limescale and soap scum bonded to granite, quartz, glass shower doors and more, try using Supreme Surface® Scum and Mineral Deposit Remover or CTP Calcium Lime, Rust and Soap Scum Remover.
Thank you for your time and I hope you will find some of this information helpful. For more information on our Supreme Surface or other Munro-Co Brands, feel free to contact us at the following number.


Tom Munro


Clean Stainless Steel Sinks Without Causing Collateral Damage

Industry pro, Tom Munro, gives helpful tips and advice on how to clean stainless steel sinks without causing collateral damage to granite countertops and plumbing fixtures.  Avoid common mistakes and keep these supreme surfaces looking like new.

Granite and Stainless Steel, Popular and Durable

Granite countertops and stainless steel sinks are a popular addition to any kitchen and for good reason. Both are durable and when cleaned properly, these supreme surfaces will certainly stand the test of time without loosing their shine!

Keeping Granite Countertops and Stainless Steel From Becoming Dull

Although both granite and stainless are known to have various textures and finishes, they are commonly known to have a highly polished or reflective surface. In order to help keep these surfaces looking like new, we have some important tips that you’ll need to practice:

  1. When cleaning granite countertops only use pH neutral cleaners.
  2. Do not clean stainless steel sinks with cleaners that are high on the pH scale (contain alkaline; bleach & ammonia).
  3. When cleaning granite and stainless steel, do not use abrasive pads.
  4. Always clean stainless steel sinks going with the grain.

pH Scale for Cleaning Products

phscaleThe pH scale has a range from 1 to 14 and is the measure of a solution’s acidity or alkalinity. There are three terms that apply to chemicals used in cleaning products:

  1. Neutral, a 7 on a pH Scale
  2. Acidity, Less than a 7 on a pH scale
  3. Alkalinity/Basic, greater than a 7 on a pH scale

When Cleaning Stainless Steel, Avoid Cleaners That Are High On The pH Scale

Cleaners that contain bleach and ammonia cause stainless steel to dull and damage natural stones. Unfortunately, these chemicals are found in many leading brands on store shelves so choose wisely.

Daily Cleaners for Stainless Steel and Surrounding Items

The front of this label clearly states that it is pH neutral, alcohol-free and ammonia-free.
The back label clearly states that this product can be used on other surfaces besides just granite countertops.

Although there are a prevalent supply of specialty cleaners for both natural stone and stainless steel, the following three products clearly show on the label that they are safe to use on these luxury surfaces and more. Here are three alcohol-free, ammonia-free and pH neutral, multi-surface cleaners, that are safe to clean granite and stainless steel, without causing collateral damage:

  1. CTP Multi-Surface Cleaner for Glass, Mirror, Stone, Electronic Screens and Finished wood and more.
  2. Supreme Surface Daily Stone Cleaner for Granite, Quartz, Marble & More (stainless steel)
  3. MunroCo Streak-Free Multi-Surface Cleaner

Top selling brands of cleaners that are high in acidic value can effectively work on stainless, but can easily etch the surface of natural stones. Thus causing them to dull. When cleaning stainless near natural stone surfaces, you might also consider a cleaning product that is pH neutral and ammonia-free. These types of cleaners are safe to use on natural stone surfaces and plumbing fixtures.

Removing Hard Water Spots and Mineral Deposits on Granite and Stainless Steel

Hard water spots and water stains are caused by mineral deposits such as calcium and limescale. Removing mineral deposits cannot be done with daily cleaners that are pH neutral. So, choose a cleaner that is low on the pH scale (acidic), but mild enough to not damage your natural stone or plumbing fixtures. To remove these mineral deposits from both granite and stainless try using:

  1. CTP Calcium, Lime Rust and Soap Scum Remover
  2. Supreme Surface Scum and Mineral Deposit Remover.

These products are highly effective, but very mild and are safe to use on most granite colors and plumbing fixtures.

About The Author and Industry Pro, Tom Munro

Tom Munro is founder and President of the brand ” Supreme Surface “, specialty cleaners and stone care products. These products are sold through natural stone professionals and select retailers throughout the United States and Canada. Follow this link for a complete listing of specialty cleaners / cleaning products for stainless steel and granite countertops.


White Haze On Granite Composite Sinks

One of the more common issues related to a granite composite sink is preventing and removing the white haze. When a composite granite sink is new, the colors are vibrant and the surface has a nice sheen. With proper care and some do’s and don’ts, these sinks are simple to keep looking like new for years to come. Even on the darker colors, brown and black.


White Haze More Noticeable On Black Composite Sinks

The white haze is usually more noticeable on darker colors such as black and brown vs the lighter colors, white and cream. There are two things that typically cause the white haze to occur and one of them causes permanent damage.

Mineral Deposit Buildup, Calcium & Limescale, Causing the White Haze

Unless you wipe your sink out after every use, water will evaporate leaving behind minerals. These minerals (calcium and lime) bond to the surface, progressively building up and causing the white haze to occur.

Removing Mineral Build-up Causing The White Haze

According to the Marble Institute of America, all natural stones should be cleaned with pH neutral cleaners. As a note, pH neutral or balanced cleaners are not formulated to remove mineral deposits. Most leading brands that are formulated to remove the white haze/mineral buildup, are considered harsh and can cause permanent damage.

The Supreme Surface Scum and Mineral Deposit Remover is a safe and effective way to remove the minerals causing the white haze without damaging the sink.

White Haze Caused by Etching

black granite polished and with white haze
Black granite polished and unpolished resembling the look of the white haze on a black granite composite sink.

When a granite sink has been etched, particularly on black composite sinks, it resembles the look of burnt charcoal or a white haze. Much like polishing a piece of black granite, the color transitions from a charcoal color to a dark black reflective surface. But when etched, it does this in the reverse order. If this is the case, although it can be made to look better,  it is typically irreversible without the help of a professional stone care product.

Helping Prevent The White Haze

As we mentioned above, try to always wipe the water out of the sink after every use. This will reduce the exposure to mineral deposit build up.
The Supreme Surface All-In-One Granite, Quartz & Marble Treatment with ioSeal will clean, polish and progressively seal with every use. Although “NOT” formulated to “remove” mineral deposits, it will help protect against this type of damage.

The ioSeal Advantage

Help protect your granite composite sink against mineral deposit buildup with the ioSeal advantage! With every use, colors become more vibrant, surfaces become smoother, more reflective and easier to clean.

Many articles have been written to help assist consumers care and maintain composite sinks. Read this article for a step by step guide on removing water spots & white haze.